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Primary Property

The Kinsale Property Division will offer primary coverage for a wide variety of occupancies throughout the United States. We offer practical solutions for your difficult to place Excess & Surplus lines property risks.

Target Classes:
  • Entertainment;
  • Excess Habitational – Apartments, Assisted Living Facilities, Condos;
  • Food & Drug Manufacturing;
  • Hotels & Motels;
  • LRO Commercial/Industrial;
  • Manufacturing (Light to Moderate Hazard);
  • Marijuana Industry;Municipalities/Government Buildings;
  • Personal Repair Services;
  • Professional/Office Buildings;
  • Real Estate Schedules;
  • Vacant Buildings;
  • Warehousing/Wholesale.
Excluded Classes:
  • Agriculture Growing Crops, Timber;
  • Foundries;
  • Manufactured Housing;
  • Oil & Gas, Ocean Marine, Paper Mills, Petrochemical;
  • Plastics Manufacturing;
  • Radio, Television, Cell Towers;
  • Recycling;
  • Risk Purchasing Groups;
  • Rolling Stock;
  • Tire Rethreading.

Ground-up:  Capacity to $15,000,000 ($10,000,000 in critical catastrophe areas).  We target small-to-medium size risks for a variety of occupancies.  The majority of our ground-up business has between one and twenty locations.

Primary:  Capacity to $10,000,000 including all catastrophe perils.  Our appetite is for medium and larger risks up to $1B in Total Insured Value.

Excess:  Capacity up to $10,000,000 on regional and national accounts.  We can write in or out of the PML, Buffer and Capacity layers.

Catastrophe Appetite:

Wind:  All Risks, DIC, Single peril capacity available in all catastrophe areas.  We avoid Frame/Joisted Masonry 0-3 miles to coastal water.

Flood: DIC, Single peril or include with All Risks perils.  Prefer Excess in and out of PML and smaller schedules.  No primary stand-alone coastal flood or major state river exposures.

Earthquake:  DIC, Single peril or include with All Risks perils.  Capacity available in all zones PNW, New Madrid, and Oklahoma.  We avoid unreinforced masonry, tuck under or soft story and soil.

Submission Requirements:
  • Broker Specifications (Word Format);
    • Eff. Date;
    • Description of Occupancy(s), Protection;
    • Requested Coverage & Perils;
    • Suggested Layering, if applicable;
    • Statement of Values (Excel Format);
    • Five Year Summary of Losses with a   Description provided for Large Losses over $25,000.