Kinsale Appetite Guides

September 19, 2022

Click on the links below to view Kinsale’s latest appetite guides.             

Infographic: Commercial Property

September 12, 2022

Kinsale’s latest infographic illustrates our Commercial Property appetite, including All Risk, DIC, and Single Peril policies up to $10M in capacity. Kinsale’s Commercial Property Division offers creative, practical solutions for your hard-to-place property accounts. Target Classes include: Cannabis-related industries, including growers, retail, processors, and more Excess habitational – apartments, assisted living facilities, condominiums Food/animal processing […]

Infographic: Ocean Marine

August 22, 2022

Set sail with Kinsale’s Ocean Marine Infographic today by downloading this visualization of our appetite!   Kinsale’s Ocean Marine Division offers Marine Cargo coverage for a multitude of items and products across a variety of industries and uses. Our coverage targets hard-to-insure small and mid-sized risks that transport goods and products in domestic inland waterways and coastal waters […]

Infographic: Construction

August 10, 2022

Download Kinsale’s Construction Infographic today to discover how we’ve built out our appetite! Kinsale’s Construction Division writes all types of commercial, industrial, residential, and specialty trade contractors. A typical contractor has over $2,000,000 in revenue. Our team specializes in creatively underwriting your hard-to-place contractors that may have a poor loss history, tough exposures, or that may have other difficult […]

Infographic: Allied Health

July 14, 2022

Download Kinsale’s Allied Health Infographic today to explore the wide variety of medical-related risks in Kinsale’s appetite – we do well with the weird!  Kinsale’s Allied Health Division offers insurance products for your Long-Term Care, Miscellaneous Healthcare, and Social Service risks. We tailor our coverage to your hard-to-place risks by offering flexible policy terms and competitive […]

Infographic: Small Business

July 8, 2022

Download Kinsale’s Small Business Infographic today to help illustrate our appetite for smaller accounts! Kinsale’s Small Business Division concentrates on smaller risks with an emphasis on contractors and OL&T/premises-  related exposures. We offer our brokers an alternative to their traditional binding authority markets by providing rapid turnaround time and a broader risk appetite than those markets. Submissions are generally […]

Infographic: Product Recall

June 21, 2022

Download Kinsale’s Product Recall Infographic to help you recall our appetite more easily!  Kinsale’s Product Recall Division writes Life Sciences and General Products sector consumable, commercial, and consumer goods. Our Recall Expense and Liability product fits a wide range of small-to-midsize manufacturers and importers with $100,000 to $100,000,000 revenue. Our team specializes in creatively underwriting […]

Infographic: Products Liability

June 13, 2022

Download Kinsale’s Products Liability Infographic to discover coverage we offer!  Kinsale’s Products Liability Division provides Commercial General Liability and Products Liability coverages on an occurrence or claims-made coverage basis. Our underwriting focus is on importers, distributors, and manufacturers of consumer, commercial and industrial products. Kinsale can tailor coverage to your hard-to-place and distressed risks. Target […]

Infographic: Environmental

May 12, 2022

Download Kinsale’s Environmental Infographic to uncover our appetite for your Environmental accounts!  Kinsale’s Environmental Division provides coverage to companies whose operations or products impact the environment. Our products include Environmental Contractors General and Pollution Liability coverages, Contractors Pollution Liability for non-environmental firms, General and Products Liability coverage for manufacturing firms (including Products Pollution Coverage), Pollution […]

Now is the Time to Prepare for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

May 11, 2022

Businesses with Commercial Property exposures can feel anxious during periods of severe weather, and hurricane season can amplify those concerns. With weather experts releasing 2022 hurricane forecasts, now is a great time to remind your customers of the security that insurance delivers when things get bad. Colorado State University (CSU) predicts a “very active 2022 […]

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