Kinsale has cannabis insurance solutions for risks throughout the product life cycle, everything from seed to sale, as well as for cannabis-adjacent accounts.

We provide Commercial General Liability and Products Liability coverages for Tier I and Tier II marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) in states with legalized medical or recreational use and hemp cannabis/CBD goods in all fifty states.

Tier I marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) are businesses that actively touch the marijuana product. Tier II MRBs are ancillary businesses that support the marijuana product.

Kinsale divisions that underwrite cannabis risks include:

Commercial Property

    • Cannabis-related industries, including growers, retail, processors, and more


    • Cannabis-related special events (with and without consumption)
    • Cannabis-friendly retreats/churches/meditation centers
    • Cannabis tours

Excess Casualty

    • Supported or unsupported
    • Up to $10M in limits
    • Target classes:
      • Cannabis-related special events
      • Dispensaries, distributors, growers, and processors (with or without Products coverage)
      • LROs with cannabis-related tenants

Health Care / Allied Health

    • Individual practitioners performing evaluations
    • Medical marijuana evaluation clinics
    • Pharmacies/pharmacists dispensing medical marijuana

Inland Marine

    • Motor truck cargo or owner’s cargo coverage for cannabis-derived products and CBD/hemp
    • Equipment for extraction, grow, and dispensary businesses
    • Farming equipment used for cannabis-related farming
    • Mobile cannabis-related equipment

Life Sciences

    • CBD, cannabidiol – topical products only
    • Hemp, including dietary supplements




Management Liability (D&O and EPL)

    • Cultivation
    • Dispensaries
    • Product manufacturers and others
    • Retail stores

Products Liability

    • Cannabis dispensaries, distributors, growers and processors
      • Includes plant oil processing and extraction equipment

Product Recall

    • Cannabis-related products

Professional Liability

    • Compliance, licensing, and business consulting
    • Licensed retail dispensaries
    • Specialized professionals: accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, etc.
    • Staffing and employment services

Small Property

    • Cannabis-related industries: CBD/hemp, dispensaries, extraction, grow, LRO, and laboratories


  • Growers, manufacturers, and processors
  • Transportation
  • Medical marijuana evaluators
  • Quality assurance labs
  • Dispensaries, retail, and hospitality businesses
  • Vaporizers, smoking devices, and other accessories
  • Specialized professionals (accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers)
  • Security firms