Kinsale’s Energy Division offers both Primary Commercial General Liability and Excess Liability for your middle market energy risks. Our underwriting focus is on Oil & Gas (onshore/offshore), Alternative Energy, Mining and Power exposures. We can also customize coverage to your insured’s specialized needs.

Target Classes:

Oil & Gas (Onshore/Offshore):

  • Oil and Gas Service Contractors including over the hole contractors;
  • Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors, including products that go down hole or offshore;
  • Transmission, Distribution and Storage;
  • Pipelines and Pipeline Terminals;
  • Refining;
  • Exploration and Production;
  • Consultants.

Minimum Premium: $2,500

Alternative Energy:

  • Solar Power Contractors and Manufacturers;
  • Wind Energy Contractors and Manufacturers;
  • Biomass and Biofuels;
  • Hydroelectric;

Minimum Premium: $2,500.


  • Surface and Underground Mining for Coal, Minerals and Metals;
  • Above Ground and Underground Contractors.

Minimum Premium: $2,500.


  • Power Contractors;
  • Electric Co-Ops.

Minimum Premium: $2,500.

Policy Structure:

  • Commercial General Liability and Products Completed Operations Liability;
  • ISO Occurrence coverage forms;
  • Options including Time Element Pollution coverage;
  • Environmental combined forms are available on most classes with options for Contractors Pollution Liability, Transportation Pollution Liability, Non-Owned Disposal Sites, and Professional Services Liability in combination with the General Liability;
  • 10,000,000 Excess Capacity available through Kinsale Excess Casualty Division;
  • Deductible starts at $2,500 and will be tailored to the individual risk.

Submission Requirements:

  • ACORD Commercial Insurance Application and General Liability Application with a complete Description of Operations, (Signed and dated by the Insured when bound);
  • Supplemental Application, where appropriate, (Signed and dated by the Insured when bound);
  • Five Year currently valued company loss runs with a description provided for losses over $25,000;
  • Website Information.