Inland Marine

Kinsale’s Inland Marine Division writes all types of Inland Marine risks. Our top classes are builder’s risk, contractors’ equipment, and motor truck cargo. Our team can provide solutions for your difficult-to-place Inland Marine risks.  We will creatively tailor coverage on a variety of classes and quickly deliver our product to you for your quick client response.


  • Builder’s risk
  • Contractors’ equipment
  • Installation floater
  • Rigger’s liability

Mobile Equipment

  • Agricultural
  • Exhibition
  • Farm
  • Scheduled property
  • Theatrical


  • Annual transit
  • Motor truck cargo
  • Trip transit


  • Bailee coverage
  • Equipment dealers
  • Equipment rental operations
  • Fine arts dealers
  • Jewelers block
  • Musical instrument dealers


  • Accounts receivable
  • Marijuana industry
  • Medical diagnostic equipment (incl. mobile)
  • Warehouse Legal Liability

Policy Structure:

  • AAIS Inland Marine and company form(s)
  • Ability to customize coverage to a risk

Submission Requirements:

  • ACORD Commercial Insurance application and Inland Marine application with a complete description of operations (signed and dated by the insured when bound), or broker specifications with equivalent information
  • Supplemental application, where appropriate (signed and dated by the insured when bound)
  • Five-year summary of losses with a description provided for large losses over $25,000