Kinsale Insurance Company

Find aerospace insurance solutions for businesses in aviation, construction, engineering, and more associated industries.


Private commercial and recreational aircraft need specialized insurance coverage to properly protect their owners. Find excess solutions from our Aviation team.


Construction contractors with aerospace-related work, like new terminal construction, runway paving, and repair, need specialized insurance for operations or potential site pollution. Find coverage from our Aviation team, pollution options from our Environmental and Excess Casualty teams.

Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Businesses using UAS and drones for entertainment, photography, and crop spraying need insurance for those drones and their operators. Find options for both from our Aviation team.

Ground Operations

Aviation-adjacent businesses, like maintenance and repair, parts manufacturers, fixed-base operators, and airports, need specific insurance coverage for their operations, products, or any potential pollution. Find premises or products coverage from Aviation, pollution coverage from Environmental and Excess Casualty.

Professional Services

Aerospace and aviation engineers, construction management of aviation projects, and even insurance agents specializing in aviation may need specific insurance coverage. Find options from our Professional Liability and Excess Professional Divisions.


Hangars, manufacturing facilities, pilot training schools, and other aerospace-related properties may need coverage specific to the unique operations that occur there. Find coverage for properties up to $5M TIV from our Small Property team and above that from our Commercial Property team.