Kinsale Insurance Company

Who We Are

Founded in 2009 in Richmond, VA, Kinsale Insurance Company is an excess and surplus (E&S) lines insurance company. We offer solutions for high-risk and complex property, casualty, and professional accounts that cannot find insurance in the standard market.

Our parent company is Kinsale Capital Group, a publicly-traded specialty insurance company focused exclusively on the excess and surplus lines market. Kinsale Insurance Company supports the Kinsale Capital Group mission by producing reliable and attractive underwriting profits and managing Kinsale Capital Group’s capital prudently.

Our customer service and quick turnaround time set us apart, where speed and service can make the difference in winning accounts. Disciplined underwriting, Transit (our interconnected suite of proprietary applications), and hardworking employees enable us to respond to submissions quickly.

Our Leadership


Analytics & Actuarial

Analytics and Actuarial uses data insights and statistical modeling to set rates, reserving, and policy decisions. We are a data-driven company, and our Actuarial and Analytics teams are key to the quantitative decision-making and attention to detail in our operations.


Claims focuses on processing, payouts, and prompt resolutions to claims notices. Our Claims Department is committed to responsiveness and unparalleled service for all stakeholders, including customers. Our examiners and attorneys are technical experts in their areas of specialty and committed to efficiency throughout the claim life cycle.


Executive sets the tone for everything we do. Our Executives lead by doing, acting as examples for the quality of work, team-centered culture, and dedication to advancing what to expect of the entire company.


Finance communicates with our Board of Directors, shareholders, and investment community, as well as brokers, agents, insureds, regulators, and vendors. Finance also oversees SEC reporting and compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Human Resources

Human Resources actively recruits and hires new talent, manages employee relations and benefits, facilitates building management, conducts training & development, and creates a safe working environment. We have developed a culture that rewards the doers by offering employees opportunities to be promoted, rather than filling open positions with external candidates.

Information Technology

Information Technology is strategy-driven and value-focused. IT’s core competencies of building custom software solutions and maintaining a high-performing environment enable efficiency, accuracy, service, and data throughout the organization.


Operations consists of Marketing and Underwriting Services, which help underwriters consistently, efficiently, and profitably serve our appointed brokers and develop quotes.


Underwriting is the core of our operation, as they prepare coverage for our insureds. We focus on customer service, product development, underwriter development, and using technology to boost productivity. Our underwriters are subject matter experts in their specialties. Our underwriting makes us different from others through our contrarian underwriting model (when other carriers say no, Kinsale will say yes) and our expedient customer service (delivering quotes to brokers within 24 hours).