Kinsale Insurance Company

Find education insurance for K-12 schools, daycares, higher education, and specialized training institutions.


Aerospace training businesses, like drone pilot classes or flying clubs, likely need aviation-specific insurance. Find solutions for these aviation educators from our Aviation team.


Daycares and schools need property coverage, both for the building and everything inside. Find insurance for properties up to $3.5M TIV from our Small Property team.

Public Services

School districts, boards, administrators, and teachers need coverage for their day-to-day activities. This includes K-12, colleges and universities, for- or nonprofit, trade and vocational, and even religiously-affiliated and charter schools. Law enforcement assigned to K-12 districts or colleges and universities may also need coverage for their unique situations. Options for all of these public servants can be created by our Public Entity Division.


Businesses involved in recreational instruction, like athletic facilities, firearms training, equestrian camps, and others, need specialized coverage for their unique operations. Find coverage for these recreational educators from our Entertainment Division.