Health Care

Kinsale’s Health Care Division is a market for medical practitioners that are ineligible for the standard marketplace. We target those practitioners that have poor claims experience, alcohol and substance abuse histories, gaps in coverage, and licensing and/or board issues. Coverage can also include entities or corporations affiliated with a practitioner.

Target Classes:

  • Non-standard chiropractors and podiatrists
  • Non-standard dentists (all specialties)
  • Non-standard mid-level providers
  • Non-standard physicians and surgeons (all specialties)
  • Group practitioners (all specialties)
  • Locum Tenens/medical staffing
  • Stand-alone medical directors
  • Medical professional excess

Policy Structure:

  • Professional Liability coverage
  • Claims-Made and Reported coverage form
  • Consent-to-settle with hammer clause
  • Per claim deductible that applies to both indemnity and expense
  • Broadened coverage and preferred pricing available for select risks with favorable claims history, low acuity specialty, and other merits
  • Typical primary limits of $1,000,000/$3,000,000
  • Up to $5M in excess available through Kinsale’s Excess Professional Division
  • Group policies with multiple providers receiving individual limits of liability are available
  • 12, 24, and 36 month tail options available

Available Coverage Enhancements:

  • Cyber Liability coverage
  • Defense outside the limit
  • Damages-only deductible
  • Incident coverage trigger
  • Limited DD&R provision
  • Supplementary payments

Submission Requirements:

  • Application (signed and dated) and appropriate supplemental application
  • Five-year currently-valued loss runs
  • Copy of curriculum vitae and declarations page