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Kinsale’s Health Care Division is a market for medical practitioners that are ineligible for the standard marketplace. We target those practitioners that have poor claims experience, alcohol and substance abuse histories, gaps in coverage, and licensing and/or board issues. Coverage can also include entities or corporations affiliated with a practitioner.

Submission Address:

Target Classes:

  • Non-standard chiropractors and podiatrists
  • Non-standard dentists (all specialties)
  • Non-standard mid-level providers
  • Non-standard physicians and surgeons (all specialties)
  • Group practitioners (all specialties)
  • Locum Tenens/medical staffing
  • Stand-alone medical directors
  • Practitioners performing medical marijuana evaluations
  • Pharmacists dispensing medical marijuana evaluations
  • Medical professional excess

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Health Care
Health Care - Locum Tenens
Health Care Infographic
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