Kinsale Insurance Company

Explore insurance for medical professionals and adjacent businesses like nonprofits, residential and long-term care facilities, and property managers with healthcare tenants.

Medical Facilities

Residential and long-term care facilities, home health providers, med spas, medical transport, pharmacies, and social services all need coverage that fit their unique operations. Find both premises and professional coverage from our Allied Health and Excess Professional Divisions.

Medical Malpractice

Individual practitioners with tough loss histories, coverage gaps, or licensing or board issues may need specialized malpractice coverage. Find coverage for physicians, specialists of all kinds, dentists, surgeons, chiropractors, and more, including cyber, from our Health Care and Excess Professional Divisions.


Owners of hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare businesses need coverage for their properties and everything inside them. Find coverage for up to $5M TIV from our Small Property Division and above $5M TIV from our Commercial Property Division.

Property Management

Landlords with medical tenants, including doctors and dentists, pharmacies, chiropractors, and clinics need coverage specific to the business occupying their space. Find lessor’s risk only coverage for spaces under 200,000 sq. ft. from our Small Business team or greater from our General Casualty team.