Kinsale Insurance Company


Find aerospace insurance solutions for businesses in aviation, construction, engineering, and more associated industries.


Explore cannabis insurance solutions for marijuana-related businesses from seed to sale.


Find solutions to fit all kinds of construction industry insurance needs in any specialty or trade.


Find education insurance for K-12 schools, daycares, higher education, and specialized training institutions.


Explore energy industry insurance solutions for fossil fuel and alternative energy businesses.


Explore solution for firearms industry insurance, with options for recreational, training, products, and professional entities.


Explore hospitality insurance solutions for businesses in food & beverage, travel, entertainment, nightlife, and more.

Life Sciences

Explore life sciences industry insurance solutions, including premises, products, professional, property, recall, and excess coverages.


Explore insurance for manufacturers and other adjacent risks, including transportation and storage of goods.

Medical Professionals

Explore insurance for medical professionals and adjacent businesses like nonprofits, residential and long-term care facilities, and property managers with healthcare tenants.

Real Estate

Explore insurance for real estate industry businesses, involved in building, buying and selling, management, or leasing of real estate.

Religious Organizations

Explore insurance for religious organizations, including houses of worship and other associated businesses, like schools, counselors, and nonprofits.


Find solutions for retail insurance designed for retailers of all industries, sizes, and venues.

Security Services

Explore security insurance solutions for security guards, consultants, and agencies.

Warehousing and Distribution

Explore warehousing and distribution insurance solutions. Kinsale can fill needs for wholesalers, trucking companies, warehouse owners or lessors, and more specialized businesses.