Kinsale Insurance Company


Kinsale’s Construction Division writes all types of commercial, industrial, residential, and specialty trade contractors. A typical contractor has over $2 million in revenue. Our team specializes in creatively underwriting your hard-to-place contractors that may have a poor loss history, tough exposures, or that may have other difficult risk characteristics.

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Excess Casualty

The Kinsale Excess Casualty Division provides both supported and unsupported quotes at a lead, buffer, or high attachment point. The classes targeted are typically those underwritten in our Casualty and Specialty Casualty segments, including risks associated with construction, importers and distributors, product manufacturers, and OL&T/premises-related exposures.

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General Casualty

Kinsale’s General Casualty Division offers Commercial General Liability and Products/Completed Operations Liability on OL&T/premises-related exposures for over 200 eligible classes. We can tailor innovative solutions for your hard-to place-risks.

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Small Business

The Kinsale Small Business Division concentrates on smaller risks with an emphasis on contractors and OL&T/premises-related exposures. We offer our brokers an alternative to their traditional binding authority markets by providing rapid turnaround time and a broader risk appetite than those markets. Submissions are generally reviewed and quoted within four hours.

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