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Explore hospitality insurance solutions for businesses in food & beverage, travel, entertainment, nightlife, and more.


Rage rooms, axe throwing, amusement centers, event and concert venues, and other entertainment businesses need special coverage. Special events, including sporting events, concerts, festivals, and fairs, may need limited-time coverage for the few days they take place. Find premises and liquor coverage from our Entertainment and Excess Casualty teams.

Hotels and Motels

Hotels, motels, and vacation rentals all need premises coverage, and many may also need coverage for serving alcohol onsite. Find coverage for properties under 200,000 sq. ft. from Small Business, larger properties and liquor from General Casualty, and additional coverage from Excess Casualty.


Hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, breweries, and entertainment businesses need property coverage. Find coverage for properties under $5M TIV from our Small Property Division and above $5M TIV from our Commercial Property Division.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants, bars, and nightlife businesses typically need both premises and liquor coverage for their day-to-day operations. Find coverage from our General Casualty and Excess Casualty Divisions.