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Kinsale’s Environmental Division provides coverage to companies whose operations or products impact the environment. Whether the exposure is operational or premises, contingent or contractual, Kinsale offers a variety of solutions that can be packaged to each individual account’s needs.

Our products include Environmental Contractors General and Pollution Liability coverages; Contractors Pollution Liability for non-environmental firms; and General and Products Liability coverages for manufacturing firms, including Products Pollution Liability, Pollution Legal Liability, and Dry Cleaners Pollution Liability.

Submission Address:

Target Classes:

General Liability:

  • Lead and asbestos abatement contractors
  • Mold remediation contractors
  • Industrial maintenance and cleaning contractors
  • Environmental response, remediation, and restoration contractors
  • Fire, smoke, water, and disaster response contractors
  • Waterproofing contractors
  • Pest control contractors, as well as manufacturers and distributors of pest control chemicals
  • Manufacturers and distributors of chemicals, coatings, fertilizer, fireworks, lubricants, oils, paints, soaps, etc. considered
  • Environmental products, including drums, barrels, landfill liners, liners, remediation equipment pumps, valves, etc.
  • Fuel haulers and hazardous waste transportation
  • Products Pollution and Limited Product Recall Expense available by endorsement
  • Claims-Made and Occurrence available

Minimum Premium: $2,500

Environmental Contractors Pollution Liability Coverage (CPL):

  • Available for most classes
  • Both environmental and non-environmental construction and contracting
  • Claims-Made and Occurrence available
  • TPL, NODS, and Professional coverage available by endorsement for environmental contractors

Minimum Premium: $1,000

 Products Pollution Liability:

  • Coverage can be provided for most classes
  • Coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and clean-up costs available
  • Claims-Made and Occurrence available

Minimum Premium: $1,500

Pollution Legal Liability (PLL):

  • Claims-Made and Reported
  • Location-specific
  • Covers on- and off-site pollution
  • Options for both new and pre-existing conditions

Minimum Premium: $1,500

Dry Cleaner Site Pollution:

  • Locations with active dry cleaning machines that are third generation or newer
  • Location, machine, and solvent specific
  • Covers on-site cleanup, third-party bodily injury, and property damage
  • Most dry cleaning solvents considered

Minimum Premium: $2,500

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