Kinsale Insurance Company

Explore warehousing and distribution insurance solutions. Kinsale can fill needs for wholesalers, trucking companies, warehouse owners or lessors, and more specialized businesses.


Distributors of aircraft, rotorcraft, and spacecraft parts, as well as businesses storing aircraft all need specialized coverage for their unique items. Find products, premises, and Hangarkeepers’ coverage from our Aviation Division.


Owners and lessors of warehouses and industrial buildings need coverage for their properties and items inside, whether stored items are theirs or belong to others. Find coverage for facilities under $5M TIV from Small Property, larger properties from Commercial Property, or items stored for another owner from Inland Marine.

Property Management

Landlords or property managers with warehousing or distribution tenants need lessor’s risk only (LRO) coverage for the tenants’ operations. Find coverage for buildings under 200,000 sq. ft. from Small Business, larger buildings from General Casualty, and additional coverage from Excess Casualty.

Transportation and Logistics

Distributors of cargo, especially agricultural products, chemicals, and refrigerated goods, need specialized coverage. Find coverage for cargo from our Inland Marine and Ocean Marine Divisions.

Trucking and Shipping

Delivery and distribution fleets, freight forwarders, and warehousing operations all need coverage for their vehicles, offices, or cargo. Find coverage from our Commercial Auto and our Inland Marine teams.