Kinsale Insurance Company

Explore insurance for real estate industry businesses, involved in building, buying and selling, management, or leasing of real estate.


New residential and remodeling contractors, custom home builders, electricians, roofers, HVAC installers, and all other home construction trades will need insurance coverage to operate. Find coverage for contractors for $2M in revenue or more from Construction, below $2M from Small Business, and additional coverage from Excess Casualty.

Photography & Advertising

Real estate advertisers or photographers may need specialized coverage for their operations or their equipment. Find advertising and media coverage from Entertainment, photography equipment coverage from Inland Marine, and drone photography coverage from Aviation.


Building owners, managers, landlords, and owners’ associations may need coverage for their properties and the contents inside. Find coverage for properties under $5M TIV from Small Property or from Commercial Property for properties over $5M TIV.

Property Managers and Lessors

Property managers, lessors, and landlords will also need insurance coverage for the activities taking place inside their properties. Find options for space under 200,000 sq. ft. from Small Business, larger properties from General Casualty, and additional coverage from Excess Casualty.