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Small Business

The Kinsale Small Business Division concentrates on smaller risks with an emphasis on contractors and OL&T/premises related exposures. We offer our Brokers an alternative to their traditional binding authority markets by providing rapid turnaround time and a broader risk appetite than those markets.  Submissions are generally reviewed and quoted within four hours.

We define a small risk as having revenue under $2,500,000, apartments less than 200 units, area under 100,000 square feet, buildings less than 200,000 square feet and vacant land less than 1,500 acres. Business that does not fit our Small Business Casualty definition is sent the same day to the appropriate Kinsale underwriting division. 

Target Classes:

Contractors (General Contractors and Artisan Trade Contractors):

  • Primary classes written include Carpentry, Concrete, Demolition, Dry Wall, Electricians, Excavation/Grading of Land, HVAC, Metal Erection, Painting, Plastering/EIFS/Stucco, Swimming Pool Installation and Truckers. Many other classes also considered.

EXCEPTIONS: Equipment Rental, Fireplace Installation, Fire Suppression, Horizontal Boring and Roofers.

Premium Range: $1,550 to $15,000.

Premises Operations (OL&T):

  • Nearly 200 classes eligible: Primary classes include: Apartments, Condo Owners Associations, Consultants, Hotels, LRO, Mobile Home Parks, Parking, facilities/events, clubs, habitational, hotel/motel, LRO, Office Premises, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Real Estate Development Property, Vacant Buildings and Land.

EXCEPTIONS: Fraternity Housing, Inflatables, Property Managers and Staffing Firms.

Premium Range: $800 to $7,500. 

Policy Structure:
  • $2,000,000 Capacity;
  • Commercial General Liability;
  • Owners Contractors Protective Liability;
  • ISO Occurrence Coverage Form;
  • Deductibles $0 to $5,000.
Submission Requirements:
  • ACORD Commercial Liability Insurance Application and General Liability Application;
  • Supplemental Application, where appropriate;
  • Loss History. Five Years of Hard Copy Loss Runs;
  • Website Information.