Solutions for Spring Special Events

Posted on March 15, 2023

Solutions with Speed for Spring-Specific Accounts

Key Takeaways:

  • Kinsale’s Entertainment team offers solutions for spring-specific events and seasonal businesses
  • No matter the account, we deliver quick, personalized solutions that fit your clients’ needs

Spring is a popular time for fairs, festivals, and other outdoor activities. Kinsale can provide coverage for your time-sensitive accounts with industry-leading turnaround.

Kinsale’s Entertainment Division has an appetite for classes with higher activity in the spring, such as:

  • Outdoor fairs, festivals, and special events (e.g., flower and garden, music, food and wine)
  • Car and motorcycle shows and rallies
  • Jet ski, canoe, kayak, and boat rentals
  • ATV, UTV, and horseback trail rides
  • Equestrian competitions, camps, and facilities

We take a creative and personalized underwriting approach to find solutions for your accounts. In many cases, we can return a quote to you the same day!

Kinsale delivers tailored coverage to meet unique underwriting characteristics, including spring-related businesses and special events.

Learn what Kinsale can do for your Entertainment accounts.