Management Liability coverage for accounts with claims

Posted on November 15, 2022

Accounts with claim histories often hear no –
Kinsale’s Management Liability finds a way to say yes

Accounts with large losses or longer loss runs will often be turned down by carriers by default. Kinsale can consider your Management Liability accounts that have significant claim histories and will dedicate the time to find a way to say yes.

A broker recently submitted an account for a legal firm with six claims in the last four years. Those statistics alone would have many carriers saying no! However, when our underwriter took the time to research, he learned that none of these claims were paid out, and at least one was potentially fraudulent to begin with.

The insured previously had $2M in primary limits and $3M in excess. Kinsale was able to write the full $5M on one policy, including D&O and EPL, simplifying things for the insured and the broker.

We quoted the account within a day of submission, and after further refinement, we received the bind order just two weeks later.

Kinsale has the flexibility and the personal service to consider accounts with claim histories, even if they’ve heard no before.