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Equestrian Liability Coverage General Liability & Equine Professional Services Liability

Kinsale Insurance is now offering Equestrian Liability coverages including General Liability and Equine Professional Services Liability through our Entertainment Division.

With very few markets that offer coverage to small and mid-sized equestrian related businesses, we are confident that our commitment to underwriting hard-to-place businesses can fill this gap.

Recently, another market non-renewed a risk that offers horse-drawn carriage rides. While other markets turned away the account, Kinsale offered a unique policy limit structure that addressed multiple facets

 typical of an Equestrian risk.

We can offer GL an Professional limits on the same policy, which may address unforeseen coverage gaps that are common with complexity of Equestrian risks

When you have a risk seeking Equestrian Liability coverage, our Entertainment team can consider your Equestrian-only risks, as well as your recreation & leisure risks with partial Equine exposures.


Posted on May 5, 2021

Energy – GL/PL Combo

An agent needed to finalize a policy within a week to cover a GL/PL combo risk – but could only find a PL market. Fortunately, the broker knew Kinsale had an appetite for Energy risks. The insured designs and installs control systems for the mining sector.

The new venture is confident its business model will result in sales exceeding $2 mm in year 1. However, before the company can start generating revenue, it needed insurance – quickly. Kinsale’s Energy Division turned around a competitive quote on General Liability and Professional Liability coverage in one day.

The broker was able to help the agent save face in front of the client, and the account was bound in time for the insured to start design work.

Kinsale wants to consider your accounts that need a quick response.

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