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Aviation - Air Operations

Kinsale’s Aviation Division has solutions for Air Operations available, including Aircraft Hull and Liability on an excess or quota share basis.

We target hard-to-place and unique general aviation accounts, including private business, recreational, corporate, commercial, and flying clubs.

Our Aviation Division also has solutions for Ground Operations and UAS/Drone Operators.

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Aviation – Ground Operations

Kinsale’s Aviation Division has several options available for Ground Operations coverage, including Hangarkeepers’, Grounding coverage, General Liability, and Products Liability.

Our Aviation team can consider your aviation-only risks, as well as manufacturers and contractors with partial aviation exposures or UAS/drone exposures. We can consider these risks on a primary, quota share, or excess basis.

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Aviation – UAS/Drone Operations

Kinsale’s Aviation Division can offer Drone Operator Liability and Drone Hull coverages for drone and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) accounts.

Our Aviation team can consider your UAS operation-only risks and your accounts with ancillary UAS exposures and can offer coverage on a primary or excess basis.

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Aviation - Air Operations
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