Aviation – UAS/Drone Operations

Kinsale’s Aviation Division can offer Drone Operator Liability and Drone Hull coverages for drone and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) accounts.

Our Aviation team can consider your UAS operation-only risks and your accounts with ancillary UAS exposures and can offer coverage on a primary or excess basis.

Our Aviation Division also has solutions for Air Operations and Ground Operations.


  • Aerial photography and videography services
    • Claims adjusting and inspection
    • Delivery
    • Mapping/surveying
    • Private security
  • Agricultural services, including chemical application (sublimited)
  • Light shows and aerial entertainment
  • UAS/drone pilot training schools

Policy Structure:

  • Up to $5M in total Drone Operator Liability capacity on a primary, excess, or quota share basis
  • Up to $2M in Drone Hull/Physical Damage capacity on a primary or quota share basis
  • Up to $100,000 sublimit available for chemical application via drone

Submission Requirements:

  • Signed and dated Kinsale UAS/Drone Operators supplemental application
  • Five-year currently-valued company loss runs
  • Copies of the following:
    • FAA licenses and endorsements held by all operators flying for insured
    • Any FAA authorizations or waivers held by insured, including any amendments or special certificates of waiver
    • Any FAA or NTSB reports involving insured’s operations
    • Operational manual or standard
    • Operating procedures
  • Website information or brochure
  • Year, make, model, and serial number of drones, if requesting hull/physical damage coverage